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Stuck in The Middle …2 Possible Decisions!

Stuck in the middle …2 possible decisions and I can’t decide. It feels so frustrating to be pulled apart in having to make this decision. Part of me wants to work on my internet business and another part of me can’t let go of my part time job. I’m stuck ...

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People Think Negatively About Me!

People Think Negatively About Me, were the words that came from the lips of a client during one of our regular coaching sessions just a few weeks ago. Coaches are on the look-out for words or behaviors that could be limiting the client’s results that they are aiming to achieve. ...

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My Clients are Perfect Even Before They Work with Me

My Clients are Perfect The people that I coach are already perfect long before I start to work with them. Yes, that’s right… you read those words correctly… We all arrive on earth already perfect with everything we need to fulfill our life purpose. We come in on a clean ...

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30 Day Challenge Empowerment

Have you ever completed a 30 Day Challenge? Do you know someone who has? What actually is a 30 Day Challenge and what could be the possible benefits? We all know that exercise is good for our health and we feel so empowered if we have a daily exercise habit. ...

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Join Our Immersion Training For Fast Results!

Immersion training is one of the fastest ways to learn, assimilate and produce results quickly, right? Immersion Training – Imagine you want to learn Italian and you sign up for 1 or 2 lessons a week for the next 12 months. In between lessons life is busy and you don’t ...

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Tony Robbins UPW Behind the Scenes Review

To experience  Tony Robbins UPW – Unleash The Power Within as a crew member behind the scenes was an experience I will always remember. We did not get a chance to speak with the big man but managed to get a high five, big hug and a personal thank you while ...

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Reticular Activating System

The Reticular Activating System may sound confusing and it’s something I’m sure you are already well aware of. Have you ever thought of buying a particular car, only to see hundreds of them on the roads?Have you ever thought going to a holiday destination only to hear almost everyone talking ...

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Power of Adding High Value Service

High Value Service When I was studying to be a Health Coach, a number of years ago now, I remember talking with some of the other new coaches about how we will coach and build our business by adding high value service. It was an exciting time for me as ...

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