New Year Resolutions Do Not Work

New Year Resolutions Do Not WorkNew Year Resolutions Do Not Work

Yes, you read that correctly and you’re most probably already thinking “what’s news, I already know this” that New Year Resolutions Do Not Work

It’s 31st of December and you and your friends organise a New Year’s Eve Party with the Matilda Cruises.

The boat departs at 6 pm on the Harbor of Sydney Australia.

You are greeted with drinks as you board with loud pumping music and high energy to create the right environment as the party begins.

5 1/2 hours later as it approaches midnight one of your friends brings up the topic of New Year Resolutions.

Completely inebriated you start to list your New Year Resolutions and the first one is usually… give up alcohol.

The next morning or should I say afternoon when you wake up that list of New Year Resolutions are no-where to be seen or remembered.

In this scenario yes… New Year Resolutions Do Not Work

It’s almost a long-standing joke about New Year Resolutions Do Not Work. It’s not surprising in these types of conditions that we sometime plan our New Year Resolutions.

What then is the ingredients of making your New Year’s Resolutions work?

I could give you a whole list of different theories and quotes from famous people who have made them work and I’m sure you would get the same results.

Instead I would like to share with you what has worked for me over the last couple of months in applying new positive habits into my life.

In October, last month, I decided to do a 30 Day Challenge.

So… what’s a 30 day Challenge, your most probably thinking, and very simply it is this…

Do something consistently (every day) for 30 days… That you know is good for you… and you just have not been able to build up the consistency in making it a habit.

For Example:

For those who know me, you know I love to practice and teach yoga… some days my human nature kicks in and I find it very difficult to practice. I keep finding excuses like I’m busy, more important things to do, too tired, I’ll do it later…you know what I mean don’t you…

So… to build my mental muscle and overcome this resistance I took on the 30 Day Challenge to complete 2 yoga practices a day.

For the month of October I committed to 2 yoga sessions a day for 30 Days.

Now listen carefully – It’s not about quantity it’s about consistency…

Let me say that again just incase you missed it…It’s not about quantity it’s about consistency.

My intention was to build a positive habit into my life consistently over 30 days. As it turned out my first practice was for 1 hour and the second was at least for 15 minutes. Remember…consistency over quantity.

You want to know what happened…

The first 5 to 7 days were painful. I had a lot of resistance not to perform. My mind kept coming up with all those excuses not to do it.

On the 7th day WOW…. All the mental resistance stopped and it was so easy to put my mat down and complete 2 yoga practices a day for 30 days. Once the mental resistance stopped the quantity took care of itself. I ended up spending more time on the mat then I agreed to do.

I felt so good and could feel my self confidence growing with this small and very important habit I developed.

That was October so what about November…

I was so excited I escalated the challenge. During November this was my 30 Day Challenge:

– Continue 2 yoga practices a day
– 15 minutes of my personal incantation a day
– 1 FB post a day
– 30 Sugar Free Days Challenge

What are some of the benefits from my 30 day Challenge:

– My mental muscle has strengthened to take on more challenges with less resistance
– I lost 6 kilos of fat…
– More engagement on my FB…
– Improved my writing skill and speed…
– More clarity about expressing myself in writing…
– More powerful in conditioning my nervous system through my incantation…
– Happier about achievements…
– Eating less food and have more energy…
– Big upswing in my focus and concentration…

These are just top of the mind thinking benefits and if I spent the time I’m sure I could come up with some more.

Take the 30 Day Challenge now and prepare yourself for the New Years Resolution in 2018. Test out what worked for me and you may be pleasantly surprised to experience the same or even greater results.

Be one of the many that can hold their head up high and say…

New Year Resolutions Do Work!

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