Jim Rohn, Law of Diminishing Intent

Jim RohnJim Rohn was an Entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and lived a rags to riches life. Jim was also big on personal development and it was through a lot of his work that gave Anthony Robbins and many others their start in life.

I came across a quote from Jim Rohn which I had never heard before and would love to share it with you today while discovering how it could impact our lives in very different ways depending on how we use it.

It is about the “Law of diminishing intent”.

Jim Rohn Says:

“The longer you delay something the less probability you have of doing it”.

The longer we put off taking action we lose all the emotional energy that would be used to fuel the action.

Now, stop to think about this for a moment or two. Reflect on your own life and notice if you see where this could play out in the different areas such as health, relationships, career, growth and knowledge etc?

If I am honest with myself, the first thing that comes to my mind was years ago before I started regular exercise. I would be very sporadic with my daily exercise and I noticed the longer between workouts the harder it was to start again. My emotional energy would diminish and it would be an uphill battle to get started again.

I can also remember how I would say that I will start my diet or new way of eating on Monday (Just seemed a logical day of the week to start a diet). Well, the longer I put it off to the following Monday it was just so easy not to do anything and harder to get started on what I logically knew I should do.

It actually becomes emotionally and physically tiring and I burned a lot of energy by procrastinating and putting off the inevitable.

Why not use that emotional energy to take action and spiral upwards as opposed to procrastinating and spiraling downwards once we make a decision to do something?

Over time I conditioned myself to use that emotional energy to take action almost immediately after a decision which increased the odds in my favor of starting the task and completing it successfully.

Part of my Propriety Health System is to take immediate action after a decision or goal has been set.

For example: If you make a decision to practice yoga 3 times a week, before you leave the place where you made the decision take you first action step. This could be to make a diary note, call a health club to make an appointment, go online and look for a suitable fitness center etc…

By taking immediate action you will increase the odds in your favor of following through and improving your life.
Make a decision NOW how you will improve your health or one other area of your life that you feel you want to increase your results. Possibly some part of your life you have been talking about taking action but have not yet done so.


Take at least 1 action step NOW to move you closer to your goal. (you’re action step could be to make a list of 5 action steps)

Continue this process with every decision you make and watch how you can become not only an action orientated person but a results driven person as well.

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  1. Very well said! I needed to read this; I tend to give too much thought on things I know I need to do, or want to do; so much thought sometimes that I completely lose my excitement about it.
    I will start being conscious of this lazy mindset and make changes.

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