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My Clients are Perfect Even Before They Work with Me

My Clients are Perfect The people that I coach are already perfect long before I start to work with them. Yes, that’s right… you read those words correctly… We all arrive on earth already perfect with everything we need to fulfill our life purpose. We come in on a clean ...

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30 Day Challenge Empowerment

Have you ever completed a 30 Day Challenge? Do you know someone who has? What actually is a 30 Day Challenge and what could be the possible benefits? We all know that exercise is good for our health and we feel so empowered if we have a daily exercise habit. ...

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The World is Neutral

The World is Neutral – John and Shane are from Sydney Australia and are both 35 years old. They don’t know each other and have decided separately to visit and live in Saigon for 1 year to experience another culture. They each rent a small apartment and have managed to ...

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Focus on Your Vision Not Your Goals

Focus on your vision not your goals may be a bit in your face especially when we have be sold the story that our goals are the key to achieving our hearts desire. Going back as early as the 1800’s when the personal development / self help industry started there ...

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