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Leading with Questions

“Leading with Questions” is a book written by Michael Marquardt who talks about leadership and how leading with questions is the future of effective and lasting leadership. It is a very informative book that can be applied not just to your management style in the work place but also in ...

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Jim Rohn, Law of Diminishing Intent

Jim Rohn was an Entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and lived a rags to riches life. Jim was also big on personal development and it was through a lot of his work that gave Anthony Robbins and many others their start in life. I came across a quote from Jim Rohn ...

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How can a coach increase your results?

This question, how can a coach increase your results, is definitely a most interesting one at that. From my own experience and that of many of my clients the following quote resonates close to home. “Human beings by nature are great STARTERS, coaches help them to become great FINISHES”. I ...

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Slow Down and Achieve Greater Results

It sounds kind of weird to slow down and achieve greater results. We are taught to speed up because there are so many tasks at hand that have to be completed. Once we finish one task a few more seem to appear in front of us. It is similar to ...

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