Stuck in The Middle …2 Possible Decisions!

stuck in the middleStuck in the middle …2 possible decisions and I can’t decide. It feels so frustrating to be pulled apart in having to make this decision.

Part of me wants to work on my internet business and another part of me can’t let go of my part time job. I’m stuck in the middle.

I looks like I’m been pulled back and forth, going no-where, and can’t put 100% effort into what I’m doing. It’s demotivating to say the least… I don’t like been stuck in the middle.

It’s similar to sitting on a fence and I can’t make my mind up as to which side I should climb down. Both sides look very promising and have many benefits, gruhhh!!!

While I sit on the fence I’m burning valuable energy (Energy Leak) thinking about my decision and going no-where…

I’m stuck in the middle…

Victor… like many others… is faced with making a difficult decision and got stuck in the middle and didn’t know how to breakthrough.

Victor is now getting frustrated and stressed as he continues to mentally battle this decision on his own and was unable to have any sort of breakthrough.

Can you relate to Victor? Have you ever been in a similar situation?

Part of you wanted to go one way… while another part of you wanted to go another? Both directions looked very appealing which makes the decision even harder…

That little voice inside your head keeps vacillating, this way or that way…wearing you down…

How can we quickly make the best decision for our lives with full clarity, stop all energy leaks, have an abundance of energy and be totally empowered to take action and move forward?

Allow me to introduce you to a very empowering intervention called NLP Parts Integration.

Intervention – NLP Parts Integration

In NLP we have a wonderful intervention for this very challenge called NLP Parts Integration.

This NLP intervention can take from 60-90 minutes with outstanding results with full clarity about your next step and which direction you need to move…

At the end of Victor’s 90 minute NLP intervention he was completely integrated within himself. His face softened and you could easily see his inner calmness and clarity from his external appearance.

When we integrate 2 parts of our being that are in conflict with each other it’s like the difference between night and day or eating junk food and fresh live food. The body reacts in completely different ways…

Victor’s very own words, he does not speak much, a couple of days after this NLP Parts Integration intervention were “I feel absolutely Awesome and have tripled my energy level”.

Through this coaching intervention we were able to establish the HIGHER PURPOSE of each individual part.

Understanding the HIGHER PURPOSE of each part allowed Victor to see the BIG VISION of his life.

Once we have a clear understanding of our HIGHER PURPOSE the details take care of themselves to be in alignment with our HIGHER PURPOSE.

Many of us get caught up in the details and get distracted from our HIGHER PURPOSE which then makes it harder to take those daily decisions.

I remember Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple, mentioned when he left university he had many options to be employed and create a career. He chunked up to his HIGHER PURPOSE and then chose a career that would allow him to operate from his HIGHER PURPOSE.

Do you have a parts conflict in your life at the moment?

I can definitely recommend NLP Parts Integration as an empowering and ecological Intervention.

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