My Clients are Perfect Even Before They Work with Me

my clients are perfectMy Clients are Perfect

The people that I coach are already perfect long before I start to work with them. Yes, that’s right… you read those words correctly…

We all arrive on earth already perfect with everything we need to fulfill our life purpose.

We come in on a clean slate ready to be imprinted with life experiences. My Clients are Perfect…

So now you may be wondering…..

If we are all so perfect when we enter this World why would I coach clients to be the perfect version of themselves if that is who they already are?

It’s a fair question to ask so here is my answer…

Yes, we are all perfect when we arrive on earth and from this point forward we are open vessels for learning. We arrive with almost no knowledge about our new home. Now we are extremely curious and we want to learn how to live on this planet. We learn from our parents, family, friends, school teachers, media and the government etc…

We are like sponges taking in all this information without even questioning it in the early years of our lives…My Clients are Perfect…

By the time we reach the age of reason, around 5-7 years old, we have already taken on many of the beliefs, attitudes and behavior of our family and society which we will keep for the rest of our lives.

Now most things that we have learned are great and that supports us in living a wonderful life.

The downside to this is that we learned some beliefs and behaviors that may have worked well when we were growing up. Now those behaviors no longer serve us and make our lives very difficult.

Many of us have taken on limiting beliefs similar to these…

• Fear of our GREATNESS
• Fear of Not being (good) ENOUGH
• Fear of NOT being LOVED
• Fear of Rejection
• Fear of FAILURE
• Fear of SUCCESS
• I don’t DESERVE/ I am not WORTHY of SUCCESS
• Rich People are all mean, selfish, arrogant, unspiritual crooks who have made their money by cheating others
• I have layers of deep rooted beliefs that hold me back
• I have to work long and hard for my money
• You need money to be able to make money, and I don’t have any!

We are still perfect, My Clients are Perfect,  in our essence and have just learned some beliefs and behaviors from our parents and society that no longer work for us as we develop through the different life stages.

So… what I do is help my perfect clients to LEARN, UNLEARN & RELEARN. We create empowering NEW beliefs like…

• I choose to believe that my life is an incredible gift
• Everyone I meet is a best friend I don’t know yet
• Every 24 hours is the most important of my life
• Everything will turn out all right
• Life is a game to be played, not a problem to be fixed
• I choose to die having done my best, having given everything
• No one really cares about me as much as I think. This is incredibly liberating
• It’s always okay to ask, and always okay to say no
• By serving myself first, I can better serve the world
• Love is always available when I choose to open my heart

Our beliefs drive our behavior and our behavior creates the results in our lives…

Please read that sentence again…It’s so empowering to understand this…

Our beliefs drive our behavior and our behavior creates the results in our lives…

Our beliefs are in our subconscious mind and so many people are not even aware of the beliefs they have adopted in their early years of childhood.

To uncover that perfect essence of who we already are and live our life purpose we must LEARN, UNLEARN & RELEARN starting with our beliefs.


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