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immersion training

Immersion training is one of the fastest ways to learn, assimilate and produce results quickly, right?

Immersion Training –

Imagine you want to learn Italian and you sign up for 1 or 2 lessons a week for the next 12 months. In between lessons life is busy and you don’t have much time to study. After the year is up you may be able to string a few sentences and have some vocabulary to draw from if you are lucky.


You spend 3 months in Italy immersing yourself in the language and culture using your 5 senses to learn. You listen to Italian all day long. You’re seeing Italian people interacting and noticing their cultural body language movements. You can feel the vibe and real deep sense of the Italian people and culture. After 3 months I’m confident that your speaking skills and non verbal communication will be far more advanced than the weekly lessons at home, agree?

Remember our 100% of communication:

• Words = 7%
• Body Language = 55%
• Tonality = 38%

I just spent 5 days immersing myself with the Tony Robbins UPW event in Sydney. Also I immersed myself in conversation with many like-minded people.

This type of immersion is how we shift our thinking, upgrade our beliefs, change our behavior and improve our results.

Our brains work best and process information very quickly so the immersion strategy for learning is perfect for the way our brains are wired.

2 Days NLP Foundation Skills Course: Immersion Training 

In 3 weeks I will be delivering a 2 full days immersion training. NLP is a methodology for achieving personal and professional excellence. It provides a practical set of tools, techniques and strategies for those who want to:

• Improve communication skills
• Overcome limiting beliefs
• Grow in confidence
• Motivate, influence and inspire others…
• Set effective goals
• Model excellence
• Make the most of the potential you have to achieve the success you want! NLP will make a positive impact in almost every area of your life.

This training is NOT for those who:

• Are completely satisfied with their life now
• Not interested in changing and growing
• Don’t want more confidence
• Like complaining about their life
• Don’t like taking action
• Not curious about living a magical life

It’s also not for those who want to be a follower and not a leader. Leader in your own life and or a leader of a team.

This will be a complete 2 day immersion where we will use all our five senses, our body, mind, emotions and spirit to create.

What do you want to create?

What’s that one thing that is holding you back and if you could master this one thing…. imagine how your life would be? Yes, that’s the one…. The one you’re thinking of right now…It’s the one that pops up to the top of your mind and you need to catch it quickly before you push it aside….

If it makes you feel scared, excited, fearful, gets your heart beating faster, hands sweating, knees feel a little weak….YOU’VE GOT IT…

Transform your life now and register here – I want immersion now – I want change in my life

Also contact me personally to discuss your special needs –

I’m looking forward to ROCKING THE HOUSE DOWN with YOU!

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