Power of Adding High Value Service

Power of adding high value

High Value Service

When I was studying to be a Health Coach, a number of years ago now, I remember talking with some of the other new coaches about how we will coach and build our business by adding high value service. It was an exciting time for me as I love to learn and apply new information especially in the areas of health and wellness and Human Psychology.

Part of our training was to meet with as many people as possible to discuss with them some of their health issues so we can begin to understand the different challenges people faced with their health. During these 1 hour conversations and with the knowledge we had already acquired people were starting to receive real high value service & benefits from our discussions. They were starting to take positive action steps moving forward with their health goals and this is a good thing isn’t it.

What transpired among us students during these early days was a belief that was very limiting and dangerous to ourselves and our future businesses.

We found that once we had the initial conversation and added high value service to the person in front of us a strange thing happened. They were released from what was holding them back, got awesome results, and we did not see them again.

A poisonous seed was planted among some of us students to create a belief that we should not add too much value, hold information back, otherwise we will have no clients after the first session.

My practice was slow to get off the ground after I graduated from my Health Coaching Certification.

I remember speaking with my Business Coach shortly after this to identify the challenge I was experiencing in building my business and customer acquisition.

My coach quickly identified the remnants of my limited thinking around adding value to clients. She had a totally different point of view and said this was not a good approach. The reasons, she analyzed from a real case of one of my clients I had been working with.

At the time I was considering should I introduce and give this client to one of the Sales Guru’s that could benefit him a lot. I had some strange stories in my head thinking if I give to much value he will no longer need my service…

My Business Coach opened my eyes by explaining that my client will have a total appreciation and she guaranteed that my client will say that “oh, I paid for 6 months coaching service and only the first month I already benefit and received a huge amount of value and I already have more than what I invested..that’s awesome, so it means the investment is really, really valuable…I can gain a lot more in the next 6 months”.

My Business Coach was right, this client is so happy and continues to work with me which is a wonderful thing isn’t it.

Since then I apply this approach and it’s awesome.

The most benefit from this approach is that I continue to study, learn and improve myself in order to be able to continue to add high value service to my clients.

Trust the universe, when I open and give I have more space to receive.

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