The World is Neutral

the world is neutralThe World is Neutral – John and Shane are from Sydney Australia and are both 35 years old. They don’t know each other and have decided separately to visit and live in Saigon for 1 year to experience another culture.

They each rent a small apartment and have managed to save enough money so they don’t need to work while living in Vietnam.

John and Shane have the similar experiences in meeting the local Vietnamese people, traveling to different places around the country, riding on the roads and volunteering some of their time to different humanitarian projects.

Even though they did very similar things in Saigon and around the country their experience of that year’s sojourn was completely different. You may ask, if they both were living in the same place, doing similar activities and projects, spent the same 1 year in Vietnam, how could their experiences be radical different?

The World is Neutral.

John – From the moment he arrived he just knew this was going to be a fun and exciting experience. Saigon is so dynamic with high energy hustle & bustle on the streets and in the center of town especially in the evenings. The people here are so lovely, kind and very helpful. John loves the warm weather as it reminds him of home during his summer holidays. It is so easy to meet people here and john has a lot of friends and also a soul mate and prospective partner for life. Life in Vietnam was just such a wonderful experience for John.

Shane – Once Shane stepped off the plane and out of the airport he noticed the sea of motorbikes… he immediately decided that this isn’t going to be fun. Shane found Saigon was too busy with bikes and cars everywhere. Bikes would even honk you off the foot path. Shane’s experience with the local Vietnamese people was not good and he now keeps his distance with hardly any friends at all. The weather is so hot so he feels he needs to spend more time inside to keep cool then outside. Life in Vietnam was not a pleasant experience for Shane.

How can these 2 different scenarios play out at the same time and place and have very different outcomes?

There can be a number of reasons why this is the case and today I would like to list a few of them.


  • Values & Beliefs
  • Attitudes
  • Traits
  • Life experiences
  • Decisions
  • Memories
  • Language
  • Culture
  • Time / Space
  • Labeling of experiences
  • Paradigm of the world

We don’t have many options or great influence in changing the world around us over night. This doesn’t mean we just give up and stop trying to improve our world to make it a better place. It is a very noble act to make the world a better place for ourselves, family, friends and future generations.

We do have 100% control of what and how we think, how we view the world and most importantly how we show up and experience what is happening around us.

The World is Neutral – We all have the potential power to experience life like John despite what is happening around us.

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