How can a coach increase your results?

How can a coach improve your results?This question, how can a coach increase your results, is definitely a most interesting one at that.

From my own experience and that of many of my clients the following quote resonates close to home.

“Human beings by nature are great STARTERS, coaches help them to become great FINISHES”.

I am also a great starter. My ideas and plans are numerous in the many different area’s of my life. Actually I am rather amazed at some of the ideas that I do come up with but unfortunately like many others my ideas remain in the idea stage and never see daylight.

A wonderful example of this was my idea to create a digital health product so I could help and educate more people in looking after themselves in ways that have worked extremely well for me and my clients.

I thought about this idea for at least one year before even putting pen to paper and taking any form of action. Once I took action it was slow and painful with a sense of overwhelm as to how it would actually get off the ground.

When I reflect back as to why I was taking so long to complete this product some of these thoughts bubbled up to my conscious mind, where do I start, I don’t know how to create a digital product, what if it is a failure, what will people say, I am too busy working in my business, I have never done this before…etc…

I continued to dabble with this product for another 9 months until my action threshold was maxed out. This is the point where you MUST get results NOW. I was pissed off with been pissed off, if you know what I mean…

It was at this point I made the decision to engage a coach who could coach me through this process. I choose a coach who had already created and launched many successful digital products.

Within 3 months my product was completed with a number of sales already on the board. You can check it out here

With the support of my coach in this one area I lacked knowledge and direction I was able to complete my product in record time (3 months) while at the same time enjoying the process.

The real kicker is this…….Since I was coached on how to successfully produce my first digital health product I now own the process on how to do it. I am just about to complete my second digital health product which I can confidently say I completed on my own within 3 months.

So back to the question, how can a coach increase your results, is evident through my process of engaging a coach for my digital product creation.

Here are a few to think about:

• Faster results

• More accurate results

• More enjoyment in the process

• You own the new skill / behavior to reproduce and use for the rest of your life

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how good we think we are we can’t fool ourselves into thinking that we know everything about life.

A business owner will hire various people with different skill sets to manage his business in areas such as HR, Sales, Marketing, logistics, R&D etc….

I am an expert when it comes to health and wellness, weight loss, stress reduction, lifestyle and life coaching which makes my heart sing and I love doing it all day long. Oh….and now almost an expert at digital health product creation:)

There are other area’s where I am still growing and learning.

Imagine… working closely with a coach feeling inspired, supported, energized, results driven and creating behavioral change that projects your life forward and upwards in a exponential curve…

Now we have a much better idea how a coach can increase your results.

Choose one area of your life to work on that will make the biggest positive impact, find a coach and the rest will be history.

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