Slow Down and Achieve Greater Results

slow down to acheive greater resultsIt sounds kind of weird to slow down and achieve greater results. We are taught to speed up because there are so many tasks at hand that have to be completed. Once we finish one task a few more seem to appear in front of us. It is similar to most to do lists. Soon as you complete one item 2 or 3 more appear and the list is always growing rather than shrinking.

I can remember back in the 80’s when computers were becoming more popular with businesses and individuals. People thought that they could be out of a job because the computers would do all the work. In some industries this was exactly the case but at the same time other industries and professions were created. In fact we seem to be doing a lot more just to keep up.

With the advance of technology today we are so privileged to be living in these very exciting times. From our lounge room, bedroom, office or car we have access to information from all over the world. With the click of a mouse or the pushing of a button we can almost access anything we want in the way of knowledge and information. This has completely revolutionized society and the way we now do things. I am confident that the best of technology is still to come.

The challenge that now exits it that we have too much information streaming towards us 24 hours a day on computers, phones, tablets and the like. Many chimes, bells and whistles going off all around us to prompt us to check emails, text messages and answering phone calls anywhere and everywhere. Just the other day I entered a public bathroom and noticed a person using the urinal while having a conversation on his hand held phone.

With all of this happening we are in a reactive mode and it becomes like a drug to continually check our devises ever so frequently. With all the latest information been received it speeds our lives up as we are plugged into this information stream 24 hours a day.

When I talk about slowing down and achieve greater results I am talking about unplugging from the information stream periodically throughout the day. I know that sounds very confronting at first but just let it sit for a while. Our devises have become an extension to our bodies so it could take some getting use too. For some it may be similar to consider the amputation of a limb.

What I have found with myself and my clients is that once we put in place guidelines on when and how to use all these devices and slow the avalanche of information we can start to slow the thinking process down. Once the mind is much quieter we apply a few other techniques and in this state that we create you can have a greater awareness of what is really happening around you and in your life.

With this new information you can now make more informed decisions and as a consequence of that you will experience greater results.


  1. Fully right ! What about a week-end without any smart-fooly-phone ? No tab, no blackerry ? Just with ourselves for a while…..and ours….

    Try it ! Believe me you’ll be more effcient the day after back to “speed and full info”!……

    Warm regards

    • Hi Laurent, I think a lot of us forget what it is like to be alone…looks like you have learned to unplug yourself…well done:)

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