Open To New Possibilities

Open to new possibilitiesFuture – Imagine….. 2 years into the future if all your dreams and visions for your life came true. What would your life look like? Would you be working in a career that you were so passionate about that your work became play? How many days a week would you be working? Who would you spend most of your time with? How would you be spending your time? 2 months of the year traveling or building another business around your passion…

What countries could you visit and explore with your family? Maybe you are looking for that perfect person to enjoy the rest of your life in giving and sharing.

Past – Reflect back to your childhood for a moment and start to enkindle those deep yearnings you had as a child. What was your big dream for life? Did you want to become a Doctor, Engineer or a nurse in a large hospital? Was it a fire man, banker, business owner or even a clown in a circus? What made you jump up out of bed in the morning with that one idea, vision still in your head? Who were your hero’s and mentor’s? What did you like about them, what did they have that you wanted? Keep digging deeper until you find that one dream or vision that you wanted as a child.

Now – Back in the present moment today. What does your life look like compared to your vision of the past? Did you fulfill those dreams and visions you had as a child or did they get lost, pushed aside because life got in the way? When you transitioned from a child to an adult did your big vision not seem so practical and realistic?

Maybe you stayed true to your childhood dreams and are now living the exact life that you had always imagined?

Open to new possibilities

One of the main areas I like to work in as a coach is looking at what is possible for my client’s lives. Furthermore, going even deeper and exploring areas that my clients have never even entertained as possible can be life changing.

When you are open to new possibilities your whole world and life could change.

Would you like to put your childhood dreams back in place and find a way to make them a reality in your life or does doubling the size of your business excite and scare you at the same time? What is your No 1 secret dream that you have never spoken and now feel it is time to be open to the possibility of bringing it into your reality?

The fear you may experience in shooting for those dreams that push you out of your comfort zone will spice up your life, create massive amounts of positive energy and allow you to experience more joy and happiness which is what life is all about.

To explore what your life could look like if you where open to new possibilities please contact us to experience a Powerful Coaching Conversation.

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