How I coach clients?


I have a fundamental belief about my clients which frames how we work together i.e. they already have everything they need to achieve success. My role as coach is to stimulate and challenge my clients to unlock their successful beliefs, skills and behavior patterns.

Personal coaching is the ultimate personal development vehicle so, after investing in training, my clients find that real performance improvement comes from releasing those skills through personal coaching to build what Daniel Goleman has called Emotional Competencies such as:

– Self-Awareness (Knowing one’s internal states, preferences, resources and intuitions)

– Self Regulation (Managing one’s internal states, impulses and resources)

– Personal Motivation (Tendencies that guide or facilitate goal achievement)

– Empathy (Being aware of others’ feeling, needs and concerns)

My clients are full of Greatness

I want my clients to win. I strongly believe that each person is unique, valuable individual with special gifts and potential for greatness. Top coaches take the position that all their clients are evolving, have the seeds of greatness in them and that their coach is facilitating the sprouting of success to further their personal and professional lives, to be the best version of themselves.

I want what is best for you. I challenge and expect your best

When you commit to being coached you are making a stand that you will do your best to become who you want to be. As your coach, I will keep you on track to ensure you really are doing your best. If you are not, I will bring this to your attention. I will give you all the help you need to get back on track.

Sometimes I make direct requests

A great coach is willing to challenge their clients. While listening to my intuition, If I believe I should ask a client to accomplish a specific task in a certain time frame, I do ask. I will be prepared to justify my request, and to back down if the client is not ready to comply.

I use Influence rather than Position

A wise coach knows that when it comes to determining the coaching agenda, making decisions, and taking action, the person being coached has to be empowered to lead. When it comes to creating a successful coaching relationship and enabling a fruitful coaching conversation, the coach uses relational influence to lead rather than positional authority.

I listen deeply

I listen for when a client is avoiding an issue, when they are been hesitant or vague. As a coach I will call them on it. I am not confrontational, but will go deeper to find out why the reluctance. By doing this I may be able to coach them through a challenging road block.

I leave the past in the past

Our focus is the future. I may cut you off and interrupt a story that is focused on the past. This not to be rude- it is to allow us to move forward and not to re-inforce any negativity from the past.

You are expected to use me

Encourage my client to use me as a resource, guide, mentor, instigator, sounding board, advocate, and mentor.

I am here

I encourage my client to be in touch with me anytime (within reason) to share challenges, wins, insights, awareness’s. I make it your business to be on your team 24/7.

Paul Simos, CHHP
Executive Life Coach
Health Coach
Call: (+84) 0128 630 5982
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