Expat in Vietnam coaching

You are… Expat relocated to a new country like Vietnam.

Are you feeling stressed and frustrated in a new environment with no support or lack of support to cope with:

  • a new lifestyle, networks, new system of daily operation: health care, education, transportation, food?
  • Concern about the quality of life?
  • new condition for family members (kids, spouse, partners) with education, work, job?
  • Addictions brought on by overwhelm to manage cultural change?

Working with me, you achieve:

  • Settle down with the new dynamic lifestyle of Saigon
  • Find confidence to grow and achieve results in the new environment…
  • Learn new skills to enjoy living in this country
  • Unite as a family to take advantage of this overseas experience
  • Develop a fresh positive outlook of your overseas experience
  • Achieve your dreams and goals.


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